Warning Over Children’s Dental Health

We recently ran across the following video regarding the dental health of children in England, and felt like our patients needed to know about it.

The video, however, does come with a warning because what they’re discussing is a very concerning problem and might be a little difficult for some people to watch, especially those whose children show severe signs of dental decay.

Sweet Drinks

In the report, they mention that the biggest culprit for the tooth decay in many of these children wasn’t just soft drinks, but also fruit juice and other sweet beverages that contain high amounts of sugar.

Water is always the best beverage for anyone to consume and has numerous health benefits, including ridding the teeth of any lingering food particles after meals.

Timely Checkups

The other major takeaway from this video is the importance of timely and regular checkups.

Unfortunately, some parents don’t understand the full importance of getting their children in for regular dental visits, which can have a severely negative outcome for their children’s teeth and oral health.

Making sure your children have regular dental checkups and healthy brushing and flossing habits now will keep them from suffering serious oral complications later.

A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy

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