Debra Duffy DDS original Big Tex as Santa

Get to Know Big Tex!

If you’ve ever been to Texas, chances are that you’ve seen our iconic Big Tex as he stood fifty-two feet tall, greeting everyone who came to the Texas State Fair since it was moved here in 1951. Big Tex started his career as a giant Santa Claus in Kerens in 1949, in an attempt to […]

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Debra Duffy DDS PA cute baby with drool bib

Lidocaine Is Not For Teething

During the first few years of children’s lives, all of their baby teeth will push through the gums, often causing an uncomfortable sensation referred to as teething. Teething can be very uncomfortable for infants and toddlers. Some of the symptoms that indicate your child might be teething include: Drooling Irritability or fussiness Biting behavior Refusing […]

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Debra Duffy Happy 50th Birthday greeting

It’s A Celebration!

We LOVE to celebrate birthday’s and we’ve got one very special birthday we’d like everyone to hear about. You’d never know it to look at her, but our very own Dr. Debra Duffy is celebrating her 50th birthday, on September 7th! We are truly grateful to be a part of her staff and we appreciate […]

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Debra Duffy DDS Calvin and Hobbes checking their teeth

The Ultimate Showdown: Plaque vs. Tartar

There are so many different things we talk about when it comes to oral health, that sometimes we don’t realize when our patients might not fully understand what each one means. We thought we’d take a moment to provide an educational piece on the difference between plaque and tartar, including the causes for each and […]

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What You Don’t Know About Water

  You’ve probably heard the advice that in order for your body to have proper hydration, you need to drink eight, 8oz glasses of water every day. But is this really accurate for every-body? A five year old child, for instance, would not be able to drink that much water and still feel okay because too […]

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Warning Over Children’s Dental Health

We recently ran across the following video regarding the dental health of children in England, and felt like our patients needed to know about it. The video, however, does come with a warning because what they’re discussing is a very concerning problem and might be a little difficult for some people to watch, especially those […]

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Don’t Forget the Chapstick

During the summer, there is always an increase in the use of sunscreen to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, especially here in Flower Mound, Texas, where there is certainly no shortage of sun. However, there is another product just as important as sunscreen that many people seem to forget, and […]

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A Success Story: Newborn Oral Surgery

Last month we made a blog post about the new Biolase WaterLase iPlus, which we are really excited about having in our office—and for good reason. A pediatrician in our area contacted us recently, looking for a referral for an oral surgeon to perform surgery on the mouth of a newborn who was having trouble […]

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Give Us Your Best Guess!

We have an exciting contest going on right now that you’re going to want to get in on soon, because time is of the essence! Our treatment and financial coordinator, Cristina, is expecting her second child near the end of July, so we thought we’d have a fun contest where you can win a fabulous […]

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